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​New York Emergency Dentist


Whether you chipped your tooth have pain or swelling. We're here for you.

​New York Emergency Dentist - Dr. Tristan Lue, DDS

What is emergency dentistry?

Dental care when you need it most.

Emergency dentistry is a broad term for necessary emergency dental care. In emergency dentistry, treatment is given to patients who have acute oral conditions that need immediate attention. These emergency situations could range from trauma injuries to severe toothaches or sports injuries. Emergency dentists are tasked with dealing with these situations in a timelier manner than usual dentist appointments would allow for.


If you’re dealing with a severe dental problem outside of our normal office hours, you may need an emergency dental visit or even an emergency room visit. It is important to understand the difference between a dental urgency that can wait until the next morning or a life-threatening dental emergency that can risk your overall health. 


Emergency dentistry can cover nearly every aspect of oral health that cannot wait until your next regular visit to your dentist's office. For some people, their greatest fear is not necessarily having something wrong with their teeth but being caught without services when they need them the most. With our emergency dentistry services, there is no such risk of being caught without emergency oral health services as our dentists are always available to those who need their services.


There is a noticeable difference between a procedure that can wait, and one that needs immediate emergency care. If you are experiencing any of the following, please contact the ER for treatment: 


  • Severe trauma to the face

  • Constant oral bleeding

  • Extreme oral infections

  • Massive amounts of tooth or mouth pain

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