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New York Dental Same Day Crowns

Restore the surface of a tooth to its original function, shape, and look in one day.

What are same day CEREC crowns?

Same day CEREC crowns are custom fit dental crowns made in just one visit to Dr. Lue, dentist in New York. Unlike other dentists where crowns can take weeks of waiting before they’re finished (including annoying temporary crowns) our office offers one day turnaround. That means no stress from long wait times, and no fussing with temporary crowns, just quick, efficient service that gets you back to your busy life fast!

Creating your same-day crowns is straightforward, simple, and fast too! CEREC uses 3D scans to fabricate each restoration directly from your 3D-scans done in-office by Dr. Lue, dentist in New York; thus eliminating laboratory processing. The result is an exact reproduction of your original tooth anatomy that matches the color, texture and shade perfectly to your existing teeth!

New York dentist Dr. Lue’s CEREC crowns will always fit perfectly, because they're made from the exact same digital model as your natural teeth.

What are the benefits of same day CEREC crowns?

First and foremost: efficiency. It does not get any more efficient than receiving a dental crown in one appointment. Gone are the days of waiting a week or longer for your crown to be created. Your smile can be restored in just one single visit to Dr. Lue, dentist in New York, how great is that?

Additionally, you can begin to function normally again. Eat the foods you love without having to worry about your missing tooth. Smile the way you always wanted to.

Live your life again, with help from our same day CEREC crowns.

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Dental Crowns New York - Dr. Tristan Lue, DDS
Dental Crowns New York - Dr. Tristan Lue, DDS
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