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New York Dental Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom tooth removal can relieve years of pain down the road.

What is wisdom teeth removal?

Wisdom teeth are also known as the third molars and are the last teeth to come in. Usually wisdom teeth come in when people are in their late teens or early twenties. According to dentist Dr. Lue in New York, you should have four wisdom teeth, one on each side of your upper and lower jaws. However, not everyone develops these additional molars and as many as 30% of people don't have wisdom teeth at all.

Wisdom teeth may not need to be removed if they erupt properly; however, wisdom teeth can cause problems with pain, infection, and injury to other teeth which then makes wisdom tooth removal necessary. If you have any of the following symptoms you may want to consult with New York dentist Dr. Lue about your wisdom teeth:

  • Ear pains and aches

  • Swollen neck glands

  • Bad breath and taste

  • Ulcers of the mouth or swollen gums

  • Pain or difficulty with opening your mouth

Discussing your condition with New York dentist Dr. Lue will lead to knowing the best course of action moving forward in dealing with your wisdom teeth.

What are the benefits of wisdom teeth removal?

Wisdom teeth often do not grow properly and need to be removed by Dr. Lue, dentist in New York, before they cause significant pain or damage. Here are some of the benefits wisdom teeth removal offer:

  • Shutting down future problems like infection

  • Reduction or complete alleviation of pain

  • Increased oral health

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Wisdom Teeth Removal New York - Dr. Tristan Lue, DDS
Wisdom Teeth Removal New York - Dr. Tristan Lue, DDS
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